About Us

A Piece of Pie is a global innovation and strategy consultancy.

We elevate the human experience in the digital era through Business Anthropology and Emotionality.

For over 20 years, global leaders have sought out A Piece of Pie as their growth partner because of our human-centric approach to innovation and strategy. We bring emotional depth, clarity, and actionability to every challenge.

Our clients gain transformative prespectives so that they can make bold decisions, and build better teams.

Why Us?

The Right Partner for Change
When change is happening at a faster rate, people’s behavior is uncertain and go-to methods are less reliable to understand forces at play. Our human science approach helps you focus on the real needs and desires that drive behavior. We partner with you when value capture is less predictable. We work with you to navigate change.

Over 20 years of Global impact
We have a solid track record delivering results at a global level for leaders in automotive/mobility, healthcare, luxury, telecom, financial services, FMCG, and utilities.

International, Interdisciplinary Brilliance
At A Piece of Pie, we believe in the power of shared value. With our multidisciplinary team of human scientists, data scientists, business strategists, engineers, marketers, and designers gathered from all corners of the world, we’ve got the right expertise to tackle any innovation challenge.

The Team

Juliana Cardona
Innovation manager
Sofia Marin
Clàudia Sureda
Innovation Manager
Mónica Gutiérrez
Carol Berrio
Office manager
Daniela Reale
Mariana Obregón
Managing Partner
Pablo López
Julián Muñoz
Graphic designer
Cristian Paris
Graphic designer
Juliana Saldarriaga
Innovation manager
José Luis Leborán
Art Director
Catalina Perez
Daniel Parra
Consultant and concept designer
Carlos Claudet
Innovation Strategist
Lauri Brown
P&O Manager and Recruitment
Germán Amaya
Senior Consultant
Lluís Solanes
Chief Growth Officer
Yvonne Gillis
Innovation Strategist
Mariela Madero
Senior Consultant
Daniela Larrea
Arnau Balot
Selene Camargo
Senior Researcher, PhD
Camilo Ruiz
Innovation manager
Merlijn Brenninkmeijer
P&O Manager
Aage Granaas
Emotionality Director
Anna Cucurull
Founder & CEO
Ena Cabré
Innovation Consultant
Amanda Bruck
Raül Rubio
Innovation Manager

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